Basement Waterproofing

At Hollingworth Enterprises we provide basement waterproofing services to correct any basement water issues at the source. Choices from our polyurethane injection method or our interior and exterior excavation waterproofing methods. Call us for a free “At Home” estimate. We are experts in waterproofing, servicing customers in Aurora, Bradford, Newmarket and surrounding areas and can help provide you with a solution to your water problems.

Determining the problem is the key factor and often times unique to every individual’s property. You may have a basement leak due to a crack in the foundation or a problem with drainage. Waterproofing may require the exterior method which could include excavating down to the foundation wall footing, approximately 6-8 feet, providing a thorough inspection, repairing the damaged area and completing with our exterior membrane materials.

If you have water damage in your basement, we can help. Hollingworth Enterprises offers waterproofing services for residential and commercial properties. We will take the necessary steps to explain the best method to correct your specific situation.

During the spring and fall season is a good time for home owners to inspect their basements for any signs of decay, unusual odours, water stains and small pooling of water as all of these indicators can be early signs of waterproofing repairs that may be needed.

In spring, it is advised to home owners to check around the house for any decay or issues which can become a problem a few years down the road. Ensure all water is draining away from your home and no sitting puddles of water are visible near your home.

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