Top 6 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

Does the thought of dealing with the left over fall debris and spring clippings make you want to go back to bed and pull the covers over your head? Consider hiring professionals to do your spring yard cleaning for both residential and commercial properties this year.

Canadians, especially across Southern Ontario all look forward to spring. The sun shining, the birds chirping, the warmer fresh air… it’s one thing to take a brisk walk to your favourite shop for a latte, and entirely another to deal with the now visible mammoth mess that was lurking under that winter snow.

1. Leftovers from Last Year: Old fall leaves that outnumbered your resources to deal with and ended up under the snow only to say hello again once it melted, sticks and branches strewn about from the various wind, rain, slush, sleet and snow storms.

Flower beds that needs sprucing, defoliating, triple mix and mulching; debris flanking the driveway and the perimeter of the house (where does all those old coffee cups, newspapers and grocery bags come from anyways!).. the list goes on and on, and we haven’t even talked about dandelions yet! Ensure the company you hire is checking all the boxes on the specific needs of your unique property.

2. Additional Landscaping Maintenance: Go one Step Further. Other spring and summer services from landscape maintenance companies available are: sod replacement, grass seeding, lawn aeration, tree and shrub planting, personalized pruning (specific to the tree ie: apple trees pruned differently than shrubs,) and fertilization.

3. Elderly Parents: Do you have elderly parents still in their own home that expect you to swing round and roll up your sleeves there too, on top of your busy schedule? Sure it’s one thing to take mom out for lunch, entirely another to spend a whole precious Saturday up to your armpits in clippings, all when you have all of your own place to do as well. What a beautiful gift to bestow upon your loved ones, to keep grandma or grandpa’s place looking as crisp and inviting as it did in their prime.

Unfortunately, falling for the elderly is the quickest way to the nursing home and even (and often) decline in health.  By ensuring the exterior grounds keeping is maintained could help your kids keep their grandparents around for many years to come. Keeping your parents safe in their home can be a lot less expensive than a facility – even factoring in the investment of landscaping maintenance, and allows their house the opportunity to continually appreciate in value.

4. Back Yard and Front Yard Upgrades: Spring is a great time of year to consider revamping your space. Does it work for your needs? Do the kids have appropriate play space? Do you need space for entertaining and for the grill? Should you need landscaping – whether design and/or implementation, new walkways, or back patio, we do that too.

5. Oops – Need Maintenance: Did you find a leak over the winter? Puddling or pooling water? Does the rain run towards your foundation? Is there condensation, leaks, cracks or drips inside the basement? Consider basement waterproofing to protect your investment, furniture and valuables. Contact us for a complimentary quote.

6. Other Seasons: Not just for spring, keeping your place looking ship shape all year long keeps your pride humming and your spouse and neighbours happy… we can do as much or as little as you would like: grass cutting, trimming and maintenance in summer, and autumn leaf rake-up, leaf blowing, flower bed and tree wrapping winter protection, even snow removal in winter and more.

Our large service area and abundant professional staff ensure your residential and commercial, warehouses, retail shopping centers, rental homes and medical centers will be kept looking their best and serviced efficiently. Contact us today at 905-775-5771 for a free estimate!

Service Area: Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford and Richmond Hill.

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