Newmarket Snow Removal

Newmarket Snow PlowingCommercial & Residential: Make sure your kids can get to school, your elderly parents can get to appointments, your employees can get to work, and your customers can get into the store with Newmarket snow removal specialists, with excellent equipment and years of experience.

Whether commercial or residential we have specialized equipment that can handle any size of property. Snow blowing, plowing, de-icing, salting, shoveling and any other necessary requirements, we are insured and ready to handle it all, and we specialize in a localized area such that we will be there promptly and do our work efficiently and effectively keeping you and any customers employees or visitors with clear pathways.

Commercial Snowplowing, salting and clearing:

No matter the size of your building or property whether large commercial retail space, shopping centre, factory, warehouse, place of worship, school, condo, apartment complex, medical building or hospital, rental properties, vacation properties or residential facility, we have the experience and the equipment to do snow removal and any type of exterior property maintenance.

Residential Snowplowing, salting and clearing:

Whether you have a 1 car drive, 2 or 3 car drive (aka upto 6 cars), or a rural property or a property of an elderly loved one, we can plow and shovel (upon request) as needed. Let us know your needs and extent of services for a free estimate.  No more back breaking work, dreading the shoveling before work, late at night, or worrying about a loved one. We are local and prompt, and are highly experienced.

In the elderly, slipping and falling is the number one contributor to shoulder and hip breakage which generally (unfortunately) leads to a major health decline of your aged loved one. Consider snow removal as a wonderful gift?

Book Snow Removal Now – So We’re Ready When You Are: Commercial, Retail, Shopping Centers, Seniors Homes, Medical Buildings, Schools, Factories & Warehouses, Residential Urban & Rural

You don’t want to wait for another company to trek in from far away and your customers waiting extensive periods of time to access your facility. We are here right when you need us!

Having our company close by to your property is imperative when weather changes drastically.

Contact us today to schedule us for the next snowstorm and beyond so that we are ready when you are – by Phone: 905-775-5771 or use our form on our contact us page – usually 24 hour or less response time. Rest assured your home or properties requiring snow removal will be handled with expertise and care.

Service areas: Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Holland Landing and Sharon

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