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landscaping-design-maintenance-lawnWhether you’re looking for a Newmarket Landscaping company for your home or commercial space to add a front entrance walkway, a patio for easy maintenance and entertaining out the back or weekly lawn maintenance, or fix a leaky basement, with Hollingworth, there are lots of options to choose from.

Newmarket Landscaping Design

Newmarket is a dynamic and thriving town. You want your home or corporate space to look as energetic and sophisticated as possible.

Need a new walkway or front entrance? Like your business card, your walkway represents the tone of your home or business. Choose from interlocking brick, flagstone, poured concrete, pavers and more. Our extensive experience in stone masonry can enhance the beauty of your space. Depending on your needs, traffic patterns and maintenance options, we can accommodate a stellar design for you to make the best impression possible.

Looking for a backyard patio, gardens, pool or entertaining space? Every space is unique and can be beautiful in its own right. Size, whether quaint or grandiose, need not be a deterrent to your back or side yard dream coming true.

Creating zones out of spaces for kids to play, adults to BBQ and you relax on a great patio set with a glass of vino at the end of a long week, without having to schlep it to the cottage, is a worthy investment and very rewarding.

Have a commercial property that needs an outdoor facelift? Putting your best foot forward for your clients, investors and employees is a necessity to show your business is doing great.

We can not only do a stellar low maintenance, high quality design and install, but also have 4 seasons of commercial property maintenance packages such that you don’t have to worry about hiring employees to maintain it, and keep it to optimal safety standards, especially in the winter with salting and plowing.

Newmarket Landscaping Maintenance – Commercial & Residential

Commercial Lawn MaintenanceIf the last thing you want to do when you get home is cut the grass, pull the weeds, haul out the leaf blower, rake the yard and shovel the snow, and everything else a yard entails, we understand completely. You just want to come home, crack open your favourite beverage, put on the BBQ and enjoy your outdoor space!

Do you want to go away on holiday and not have to worry about the yard being mowed and kept up?

We have 4 seasons worth of property maintenance packages from you to mix and match or just choose the one to suit you. When you find you are delighted with our services for one season, feel free to add as many as you need.

Do you have a cottage or rental properties? No need to worry about getting into the bad books with the neighbours. We can do those too.

Do you have commercial space, retail, condos, apartments, shopping centres, medical buildings, places of worship? Looking crisp and tidy is a must in today’s economy. Safety too is of paramount importance, especially in winter not only for employees, but clients, or in retail environments the customers as well.

We have salting schedules and other reporting options available for Newmarket property maintenance, in addition to all the other maintenance criteria commercial properties entail.

We have multiple employees and equipment with a broad service area such that various locations can be worked on simultaneously.

No need to hassle with various companies and technicians, we can take care of the project management for you from our office and keep you updated on the progress.

This allows you to save a great deal of time and effort and let you get back to what you do best.

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