Landscaping or Maintenance Estimates – FAQ

Landscaping or Maintenance Estimates 

FAQ what to expect at first contact:

deck-hottubLearn how the estimating process works for Landscaping, Waterproofing, Snow Removal, and Property Maintenance.

Potential customers may be surprised to realize that LOTS of information over the phone and a visual inspection is required for estimating/quotation purposes. We don’t just walk up to a realtor and say “find me a house” or an auto dealership and say “how much is a car”…  this is true with landscaping and exterior maintenance as well.

All estimates are given careful consideration for each property, and are not just numbers off the cuff. Even with snow removal, onsite visits are required to get an accurate scope of the project, small or large, as well as asking pertinent terrain questions over the phone. Some driveways are 10ft long others are 800 meters! Commercial projects require extra or specific salting on the asphalt and walkways.

For example, if a customer’s calls and just simply wants a price for laying sod.  They have the approximate amount, but we do not know whether they need an entire new base below it, thus would be a big factor in pricing – this is why extra questions and visual inspections onsite are required.

To help demystify the process, here is a sample of some of the information that may be required for each sector…

Landscaping: Residential & Commercial

Back Yard Landscaping:

    1. Need to have estimator evaluate if job will require all hand labour, or if our machine has access to get to back yard area.  Some homeowner’s are not aware of access availability. Or will contacting a neighbour be necessary for access, and their availability
    2. Are there obstacles in the way, such as air conditioners, etc. (or anything extruding) that may have to be removed prior to gaining access to back yard. (or anything on the neighbours side impeding such as their air conditioner)
    3. Grading must also be considered.  If slope changes to home owners property, does it affect the neighbours property.  Ex:  If homeowner’s property becomes higher in grade, where will water drainage flow? This will need to be given consideration.
    4. Permits may be needed if decks or structures/sheds/cabanas are requested to be a certain size.

Front Yard / Front Entrance Landscaping:

    1. Usually homeowners are looking for suggestions as to what types of plants, trees or bushes would be best suitable, thus question will arise of preferences, tastes, lighting (daylight for plants, as well as additional lighting options for evening) etc.
    2. If they are looking to have steps repaired, replaced etc. contractor must determine proper size, width and determine prices on type of steps requested.  Some homeowners like to have a change and want to go from poured concrete to flagstone or marble for example.
    3. Does the customer want interlock installed (pathways etc.) customer usually wants suggestions as to size of pavers, colour, and additional niceties, as to possibly adding a border around area or having a patterned design etc.  Contractor to determine if area allows for all of their requests.
    4. Contractor provides several pictures, brochures, etc. for customer to look at and determine what they like.  Then it is priced accordingly.

Snow Removal


    1. Contractor to determine what type of driveway base homeowner has, ex:  asphalt, gravel, interlock etc.  Gravel is most difficult to plow.
    2. How long driveway is, some are 10 feet others are lanes at 800 meters, some are double wide, others are single – these measurements impact the pricing
    3. Is there a specific time homeowner must have property done by, due to medical issues to allow homeowner to attend to doctors, dialysis, or incoming help such as home-care PSW Workers, Social workers, food delivery for seniors, etc.
    4. Where snow can be piled.  On residential streets it can be an issue if snow is piled near neighbours home.
    5. Are steps and walkways to be hand shoveled and how many?


    1. Area must be measured.
    2. Is hand shoveling required and length of walkways.
    3. Are curbs an obstacle when plowing, as they can be covered over with snow and plows can hit them.
    4. Is there a time factor to have all plowing, etc. done by?
    5. Where to pile snow, so as not to take up parking areas.
    6. Is a salting schedule report required?

Waterproofing Residential & Commercial

    1. Contractor to determine where water is coming in from.
    2. If excavation on exterior is needed, the depth of excavation must be determined.  How deep do they excavate.
    3. If water is coming into a finished basement area,  some homeowners do not want to disrupt the inside area and want suggestions on alternative methods that can be used.
    4. Access again is important. Can we get our machine in or does area have to be dug up by hand.  Makes a difference in pricing.
    5. Underground cables to be considered.  Having them located may be necessary. This may change timelines, and ultimate project completion scheduling dates.

Landscape Maintenance – Fall/Spring: Residential & Commercial

    1. Area must be measured
    2. Scope of project – such as leaf and debris removal of parking lots and walk ways
    3. Shrub and tree trimming, pruning, mulching of beds – determining number and size
    4. Mowing of lawn size whether push mower or commercial machinery, weed eater/trimming considerations and volume of detail work, such as decorative large stones, lamp posts, large number of trees and other considerations.

These points above are just some of the more important reasons as to why having a contractor come out for a visual inspection is both important and necessary as there are too many things that a homeowner may not be aware of and just wants the job done yesterday, so to speak.  We hope this has been helpful, and can give you confidence the estimates are calculated and given consideration, and not just out of the blue.

We are a family run business, and are not a giant company, we are insured and bonded, and we have only a certain amount of projects we can do each season, and put our very best into every job.

For 4 season maintenance, we look forward to our regular customers and are always honored when they refer new clients to us.

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