The Hollingworth family has a very proud past...

William-HollingworthWilliam Hollingworth was originally from England and had worked on and observed drain and concrete work as a boy. He grew to be a proud man who was determined and ready to work and follow his dreams. He eventually decided to move to Canada with little money, no education and fear of the future. He quickly gained a positive reputation as a determined and reliable worker. He soon met his mate, Margaret Cadan. She was an educated woman and convinced William to start up his own business. They purchased and settled on a piece of property on Hwy 7 just east of Bayview Avenue and the first Hollingworth company was created.

William and Margaret were soon after blessed with three children; Terrance, Patrick and Margaret. As the two boys became increasingly involved with the business, Hollingworth expanded to undergo sewer and water main installations and repairs for the Township as well as drain and concrete installations and repairs.

William & Margaret-HollingworthRetirement came too quickly for William and eventually the business was divided amongst the two sons. Terrance continued to handle the Municipal sewer and water main work and Patrick remained with the drain and concrete sector of the company. Terrance and his wife eventually decided to relocate to California but Patrick could not see himself taking full responsibility of both aspects of the Hollingworth Company. Very shortly after, a business investor approached Terrance to purchase the Sewer and Water main division of the company. And so, the Hollingworth Sewer and Water main division was sold and still operates strongly today as Hollingworth Construction. The buyer had insisted on keeping the Hollingworth name as it had become well established in the greater Toronto area.

William and Margaret Hollingworth now wanted to enjoy their golden years and travel. New investors were coming in and new buildings were going up in the area and opportunity presented itself again and shortly after, the Hollingworth’ land and house was sold. Today a magnificent building sits on the property.

Family Owned for More Than 30 Years

Soon after this, Patrick and his wife, Velta, had visions of moving farther north as the area was growing quickly and getting too congested to raise a family. He also was approached by an investor to purchase his portion of the company. Patrick decided to take the offer and he relocated to York Region in Newmarket. He felt very confident, as the Hollingworth name had become widely known, that he could start up another business in the rapidly growing area of Newmarket. He was successful in doing so but as concrete work was very seasonal and the drain repair calls were mostly from Toronto, he found that the travel was becoming too costly. He wanted to create a business that would carry him through the entire year and so the company expanded once again as snow plowing was added.

Patrick Hollingworth presented himself and his company’s credentials to the York Region school board. He was awarded their contracts and maintained their properties for 12 years and at every renewal season, he is invited to continue to bid on their properties, given the exceptional service that he, his son Jesse and their crew have offered. Soon after the addition of snow plowing, Patrick was approached by several other companies requesting if he would be interested in maintaining their properties during the summer months, as well as in the winter.


Hollingworth Enterprises have re-prioritized and focused their services – they soley offer: snow plowing, spring property cleanup, summer grass cutting and fall leaf raking commercial property + parking lot maintenance. Patrick, his son Jesse along with their crew still continue to service their past clients.

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