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basement waterproofing 4Wondering if you need a Bradford waterproofing company?

Are you seeing visible cracks in your foundation?

Are there puddles forming close to the house or commercial workspace?

Do you smell any odour or off putting smells in the basement?

Do you see signs of decay, cracks or leaks inside?

Your home is often your biggest investment, if you are on the fence about waterproofing your basement, consider how much the value could drop at resale, and your family breathing in mould and contaminants in the meantime from a basement flood.

If foundation issues are occurring at your business location, you could experience downtime, whether it be due to foundational leaks or staff being off sick due to an overly moist or mouldy environment. Leaving the rest of the staff to cover for them, increasing stress, lowering morale and the bottom line, so the cycle continues.

Catching and dealing with basement waterproofing issues early can help offset the cost of a really expensive job. Similar to a roof leak, it is better remedied sooner rather than later or bigger bills and problems could arise. Already in a dire basement leaking or foundational crack situation? Not to worry, act right away and have your situation solved, and your mind put at ease.

Each Bradford waterproofing jobsite and situation is unique, getting down to the nuts and bolts of the basement leaking issue is key. Such as, it may be a crack in the foundation or a problem with drainage. It may require an exterior repair by digging down to the foundation wall footing, repairing the damage, and then sealing it with a weatherproof membrane.

However sometimes the foundation is just starting to decay and it can be warded off early with less expense. At Hollingworth Enterprises, we will let you know honestly if it’s a large job or small, we are interested in the right solution for your specific property whether home or commercial.

As an expert Bradford waterproofing company we have seen it all; and we can negotiate through even the most daunting waterproofing situations. We will lay out your options, whether residential or commercial, let you know costs up front, and have you breathing a sigh of relief before any work begins.

Have more than one commercial property or rental homes outside of Bradford requiring basement waterproofing? Our service area covers Bradford, Aurora, Newmarket, King and surrounding areas. We are happy to work on multiple projects you have, saving you time and likely money negotiating and organizing multiple crews… let us handle that for you.

Contact usfor a free consultation and our professional estimator will provide you with a written quote. Call one of our Bradford waterproofing specialists at 905-841-8422 to discuss your foundation & drainage issues, or fill in the estimate form for a quick quote… so you don’t have to worry about waking up to a flooded basement.

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