Choosing a Lawn Maintenance and Grass Cutting Service

Choosing a Lawn Maintenance and Grass Cutting Service


When choosing a lawn maintenance service in Bradford, Newmarket or Aurora, there are a few things to look for in a company, whether it be for your home (residential) or your commercial, retail or industrial property. Spring and summer fly by, no sense slogging away the best months when you could be relaxing and being with friends. Be sure to hire a lawn company such that your property is ready to entertain your kids, family and friends – and squeeze out every last morsel of sunshine and fun before the cool fall weather sets in.


Lawn Care Company Longevity

A company who has been around for a decade or more generally knows how to keep a long standing horticultural relationship with their customers. Shoddy companies usually don’t last long in the commercial environment, therefore sometimes that is good proof right there if larger box stores, grocery stores and government facilities such as schools hire them for their grass cutting, lawn maintenance (including raking leaves and debris) as well as parking lot cleanup.


Mowing Service Area

Local is key – in this case a smaller service area is actually a good thing. As lawn maintenance is an ongoing thing, and not one time – you will want to make sure the property maintenance company can get to you in a timely manner, week after week, in this case Bradford, Newmarket and Aurora are good options. If you are outside of this area, perhaps the lawn cutting service can recommend someone in your area. Lawn care providers often know other contractors.


Lawn Maintenance and Curb Appeal

Always having your home or business looking its best, great curb appeal helps the neighbourhood as well as your walk in traffic. We’ve all grimaced from time to time when we pull up to a clinic or restaurant and find a dirty parking lot or scruffy exterior and second guess about the quality of service they provide.


Finding a Grass Cutting Company on Google Maps


In the age of Google maps, and user uploaded photos, it would behoove us to keep great curb appeal. Especially as it seems those photos last forever online. Few of us are horticulturalists, but mowing the lawn goes a long way to keeping things tidy. You can find a grass mowing service by saying or typing into Google “Grass Cutting Near Me”.

Insurance for Property Maintenance


Be sure to choose (and ideally see) a lawn cutting and property maintenance company’s insurance slip – lots of companies claim to provide it but how many will actually produce it upon request? This can show they really are an established yard service provider and should be able to back up their work, as well as provide some added protection.


Proper Estimates for Yard Work

Yard cleanup, mowing, raking and parking lot maintenance should require calculations and not just be a number off the cuff. All estimates should be given careful consideration for each property’s unique needs. An onsite visit is also generally necessary to get an accurate scope of the project whether small or large. In addition, asking pertinent terrain questions over the phone help provide quoting accuracy as some properties are 100 ft long and others are 5 acres or more.


Types of questions to get a sense of the scope of the lawn and property maintenance required:

    1. Area Size (must be measured)
    2. Scope of project – such as leaf and debris removal of parking lots and walk ways
    3. Shrub and tree trimming, pruning, mulching of beds – determining number and size
    4. Mowing of lawn size whether push mower or commercial machinery, weed eater/trimming considerations and volume of detail work, such as decorative large stones, lamp posts, large number of trees and other considerations.

Sample of Yard Maintenance Quoting Procedures Here


Picturesque Bradford, Newmarket and Aurora Neighbourhoods


We all love driving by those picturesque local neighbourhoods, especially Bradford, Newmarket and Aurora, that are well maintained and have the pride of ownership beaming through with a well maintained front lawn. Not all of us have the time to put in the effort that is needed, especially in the times where lots of raking and cleanup is needed early and late in the growing season, and that is exactly where a grass cutting and lawn maintenance service comes in handy! Let the lawn company do the heavy lifting and let you enjoy your favourite bevvy under a shady tree.

Lawn Maintenance for the Elderly

Do you have seniors in your life? We can’t be everywhere all of the time doing everything, especially making sure our elderly loved ones get their prescription, appointments and tech requirements met. Not to mention the cleanliness and health of the inside of the home, when does exterior property maintenance and lawn mowing get done? This is another great example of where a lawn service company can come in handy – and take something off your plate, yet still have your parents keep up the appearances and pride of a well maintained home. They lose so much as they get older, it’s great to provide dignity wherever possible in their golden years.

About us:

Hollingworth’s Property Maintenance:

With over 30 years experience we not only can care for your lawn, but also parking lots in every season.We have consistently won tenders for the school boards to service their properties as well as grocery stores and malls.

We live in your community , and thus as citizens it is not only important for our work but also our home life to ensure our town looks good, and that your properties look great.

Our staff ensure your commercial warehouses, retail shopping centres, rental homes and medical centers will be kept looking their best, serviced promptly and efficiently all year round.

Types of Lawn care ie: grass cutting, maintenance and cleanup services we provide:


Commercial & Residential Lawn Maintenance


Provide fall clean-up
Edge trimming along grassed areas
Final grass cutting
Blowing of grass clippings
Fertilization if requested
Leave property neat and orderly

Sod replacement
Grass seeding
Personalized pruning
Covering and protecting greenery from winter damage

Initial thorough clean-up of winter debris
Light raking of grassed areas
Edge trimming along grassed areas
Appropriate “spring” grass cutting height
Blowing of grass clippings
Fertilization if requested
Customized seasonal proposals offered

Continuing to maintain grassed areas as needed
Edge trimming along grassed areas
Blowing of grass clippings


Service Area: Bradford, Newmarket & Aurora specifically

  • Bradford Grass Cutting, Mowing, Lawn Service, Raking, Spring Cleanup, Fall Cleanup (Snow Removal Winter)
  • Newmarket Grass Cutting, Mowing, Lawn Service, Raking, Spring Cleanup, Fall Cleanup (Snow Removal Winter)
  • Aurora Grass Cutting, Mowing, Lawn Service, Raking, Spring Cleanup, Fall Cleanup (Snow Removal Winter)


Types of Buildings & Facilities:

Residential & Commercial Property Maintenance – Lawn Maintenance, Snow Removal & Salting Facilities:

  • Schools, Public & Private, Nursery Schools, Daycare Centers
  • Medical Buildings, Natural Health Centers, Prescription Pharmacies
  • Condos, High Rise, Low Rise Walk-ups, Rental Properties
  • Retail Stores, Grocery Stores, Outlet malls
  • Warehouses & Factories
  • Office Buildings
  • Homes / Residential

Keeping your business crisp and clean helps offer credibility to your clients that you take care of every aspect of your company with excellence, both inside and out.


Hollingworth is a family run business, and are not a giant company, we are insured and bonded, and we have only a limited amount of properties we can do each season, and put our very best into every job.

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